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April 2015 Health Newsletter

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» April Health News Review
» The Crow-Hop: Helping Make Flat-Ground Throwing Safer For Pitchers
» Chiropractic Adjustments In The Blood
» Good Vibrations
» Chiropractic Profession Unites in Washington, D.C. to Advocate for Patients, Exp

April Health News Review

April Health News Review

April 7, 2015

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Dr. Arnold's latest Pitching Newsletter -

Congratulations to Nick Fanti, one of Dr. Arnold's pitching students, as he was highlighted as a "Player to Watch" by NY Newsday!

#5 - Treadmill performance predicts mortality - ScienceDaily March 2, 2015

"...among people of the same age and gender, fitness level was the single most powerful predictor of death and survival, even after researchers accounted for other important variables such as diabetes and family history of premature death -- a finding that underscores the profound importance of heart and lung fitness..."

- Should Athletes Eat Fats or Carbs?  NY Times February 25, 2015

“From an evolutionary standpoint, a high-fat performance diet makes sense. Early humans, the hunter-gatherers, who were quite physically active, primarily ate fat. It’s been the main fuel for active humans far longer than carbohydrates have been.” -Jeff Volek, Ohio State University

- Stress reduction may reduce fasting glucose in overweight and obese women - SciecnceDaily March 6, 2015

"...stress management, specifically with mindfulness-based interventions, may be beneficial for reducing perceived stress and blood glucose and improving quality of life in overweight or obese women." -Raja-Khan.

- A breakfast of champions for diabetics - ScienceDaily March 16, 2015

"...by eating more calories at breakfast and consuming fewer calories at dinner, blood sugar level peaks after meals and throughout the day were significantly reduced." -Prof. Jakubowicz

- Better breakfast, better grades - ScienceDaily March 17, 2015

"...schools that offered free breakfasts showed significantly better academic performance than schools that did not, and that the impact was cumulative...Math scores were about 25% higher at participating schools during a students' elementary school tenure than would be expected otherwise. Reading and science scores showed similar gains..."

NOW Foods article of the month:  Vitamin D Levels Related to Spinal Health

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Author: Dr. Greg Arnold
Source: Self-research
Copyright: Dr. Greg Arnold 2015

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The Crow-Hop: Helping Make Flat-Ground Throwing Safer For Pitchers

The Crow-Hop

Helping Make Flat-Ground Throwing Safer For Pitchers

April 7, 2015

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When discussing long toss with my pitching students, I strongly emphasize the use of a crow-hop to improve quickness, build momentum, and perfect timing in the transfer of energy from the lower body to the upper body.

Now a 2014 study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine shows the benefits of the crow-hop on minimizing arm stress:


Pitchers throwing 60 feet on flat ground from a stationary position had similar arm stress as throwing off the mound BUT produced much less velocity:

While throwing with a crow-hop at 120 and 180 feet produced lower arm strain than either throwing 60 feet off the mound or 60 feet in a stationary position on flat ground:

This led the researchers to conclude:

To watch a video on proper long toss and a proper throwing drills for long toss, you can subscribe to my Baseball Video Library by clicking here

Have A Question About This Newsletter? 

Contact (631-352-7654/PitchingDoc@msn.com) Dr. Arnold!

Author: Dr. Greg Arnold
Source: Self-research
Copyright: Dr. Greg Arnold 2015

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Chiropractic Adjustments In The Blood

Millions of patients have benefited from chiropractic care. Perhaps the most popular with patients are the pain relief benefits offered by chiropractic. A recent study evaluated modifications in blood enzymes before and after a five week stint of twice a week chiropractic spinal adjustments for individuals suffering from nonspecific chronic neck or back pain. After five weeks of the spinal adjustments researchers found a measurable elevation in certain blood enzymes. Specifically, they found significant increases in the antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase and glutathione peroxidase. Other studies have shown a relationship between pain and these sorts of enzymes. Researchers believe the changes measured in enzymes could be related to the analgesic effective that chiropractic adjustments have on the body.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: JMPT February 2015 Volume 38, Issue 2, Pages 119–129
Copyright: ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2015

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Good Vibrations

Individuals with neck pain and discomfort typically demonstrate difficulty in joint position sense and diminished postural control. This essentially means neck pain sufferers have disturbed neck movements/biomechanics. This can in turn can lead to additional pain, discomfort, arthritis and reduced motion in the neck. A newly conducted study compared the effects of vibration therapy in a group of healthy individuals to those suffering from neck pain. All subjects received short term vibration to the neck muscles at a frequency of 100 Hz. Interestingly, neck pain sufferers experienced an almost opposite effect to the healthy individuals. Those suffering from neck pain experienced an improvement in joint position sense and reduction in dynamic postural sway after vibration therapy. On the other hand, healthy individuals or non neck pain sufferers had a reduction in joint position sense acuity and a nonsignificant increase in postural sway. While the reduced joint position sense in healthy individuals was most likely short term and not harmful, there were clear benefits observed in the neck pain sufferers after receiving vibration therapy.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: The Spine Journal. Vol. 15 Iss. 3, March 1, 2015
Copyright: ProfessionalPlanets.com LLC 2015

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Chiropractic Profession Unites in Washington, D.C. to Advocate for Patients, Exp

Arlington, Va. - Members of the chiropractic profession from across the nation gathered in Washington, D.C. and later met with congressional leaders to stress the importance of chiropractic's role in national health care and Medicare reform. The group convened as part of the  2015 National Chiropractic Leadership Conference (NCLC), taking place Feb. 25 - 28. Nearly 700 chiropractic physicians, students and supporters converged on the nation's capital to hear speeches from government leaders, receive advocacy training and urge elected officials to support pro-chiropractic measures that would benefit patients, expand access to chiropractic services for veterans and active-duty military personnel, and help chiropractic graduates qualify for federal programs that would enable them to practice in underserved areas in exchange for student loan debt relief. Congressional Keynote Speaker, Senator Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.), a member of the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee, emphasized the importance of having chiropractic physicians fully incorporated into the health care system. "The work that doctors of chiropractic do is a key part of our nation's health and wellness," said Sen. Merkley. "We need to make sure that chiropractic care is accessible and affordable to those who need it." Attendees also heard from U.S. Representative Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.), a member of the Armed Services Committee and a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve where he flew the E-2C Hawkeye in America's war on drugs before becoming a member of Congress; and U.S. Representative Mark Amodei (R-Nev.), who sits on the powerful Appropriations Committee, the panel that has oversight on all federal spending. ACA President Anthony Hamm, DC, in his opening address to attendees, focused on the need for chiropractic services for veterans. "Our veterans want quality, they want value and they want outcomes. That's what chiropractic delivers. And that's our charge," he said.

Author: American Chiropractic Association
Source: Acatoday.org February 26, 2015.
Copyright: American Chiropractic Association 2015

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