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Beta-Alanine: A New Supplement for Football Players?
July 20, 2011

I encourage football players to take creatine on 3-month cycles as a way to help with training and recovery. But a new study just released:

Kern BD. Effects of β-Alanine Supplementation on Performance and Body Composition in Collegiate Wrestlers and Football Players. Jou Str Cond Res 2011; 25(7): 1804-1815

showed 4 grams per day for 8 weeks in football players to produce:

  1. 175% greater increase sprint speed (1.1 vs 0.4-second faster 300-yd shuttle time)
  2. Significantly Increase upper body strength (7% vs 0.5% increase in flexed-arm hang time)
  3. Gain 91% more muscle (2.1 vs 1.1 lbs)

compared to a group not taking beta-alanine.

The researchers believe it's because beta-alanine helps deal with lactic acid buildup:

Research 20Quote

Side Effects? A 2010 review study found beta-alanine to be

"a safe nutritional strategy capable of improving high-intensity anaerobic performance."

So it seems that Beta-Alanine could be a very safe and effective supplement along with creatine during football season.

If you'd like to try Beta-alanine, NOW Foods sells a 4-month supply for $35 and I recommend you order from St. James Nutrition.

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