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Pistachios and Chiropractic: 2 Ways to A Healthier Heart
April 23, 2012
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Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure: The Facts

According to the CDC:

  • More than 616,000 people died of heart disease in 2008, causing nearly 1 in 4 deaths.
  • Every year about 785,000 Americans have a first heart attack while another 470,000 will have a repeat heart attack.
  • Heart disease alone cost the United States nearly $109 billion in 2010
What is one of the "Major Risk Factors" for Heart Disease? High Blood Pressure:
  • High blood pressure is also a major risk factor for stroke, congestive heart failure, and kidney disease
  • High blood pressure cost the United States $93.5 billion in 2010.

Fortunately, both a dietary change AND a lifestyle change can help your heart: Pistachios and Chiropractic

Why Pistachios?

A recent review of pistachios cite a number of healthy ingredients:

Pistachios 20food 20stat

have lower calories than other nuts:

Pistachios 20nut 20stat

and have received a health claim from the FDA on heart disease:

FDA 20Health 20Claim

Why Chiropractic?

A recent review of chiropractic care for high blood pressure showed an overall "minimal clinical benefit", with significant decreases like in this 2007 study:

Chiro 20study 20on 20BP

As chiropractic may alter blood circulation and affect both the nervous system and kidney function:

Chiro 20Theories

while saving SIGNIFICANTLY on healthcare costs:

Chiro 20Study 20results

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