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The Counting Talk Test: The Smart Way to Exercise
June 12, 2012
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To help offset the escalating rates of obesity in the United States, the American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine recommend the following levels of exercise:

Exercise 20Recommendations

while the Centers for Disease Control have recommendations based on age groups:


But vigorous exercise can carry heart risks, blood clot risks, and even weaken immune system strength.

How can you know if you are exercising at a beneficial level?
By doing the Counting Talk Test (CTT)

A new study has confirmed the CTT as an easy and reliable way to achieve a safe level of beneficial exercise:

NSCA 20Title

To do the CTT:

CTT 20Description

The researchers made the following recommendations for a CTT of less than 25:

CTT 20Recommendation 20less 20than 2025

and a CTT over 25:

CTT 20Recommendation 20more 20than 2025

Here is an example:

CTT 20Example

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