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January 2013 Health News Review
January 8, 2013

5) Our Absurd Fear of Fat - New York Times January 2, 2013

"...the study found a 6% decrease in mortality risk among people classified as overweight and a 5% decrease in people classified as Grade 1 obese, the lowest level. This means that average-height women — 5 feet 4 inches — who weigh between 108 and 145 pounds have a higher mortality risk than average-height women who weigh between 146 and 203 pounds.

For average-height men — 5 feet 10 inches — those who weigh between 129 and 174 pounds have a higher mortality risk than those who weigh between 175 and 243 pounds."

4) Grapefruit is a Culprit In More Drug Reactions- New York Times December 17, 2012

"...drugs are metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract, and relatively little is absorbed, because an enzyme in the gut deactivates them. But grapefruit contains natural chemicals that inhibit the enzyme, and the gut absorbs much more of a drug and blood levels rise dramatically."

3) Big Beef's Raw Edges - McClatchy News December 9, 2012

"...mechanically tenderized beef could have been the source of as many as 100 outbreaks of E. coli and other illnesses in the United States in recent years. Those cases affected more than 3,100 people who ate contaminated meat at wedding receptions, churches, banquet facilities, restaurants and schools..."

2) Do Energy Drinks Contains Active Component Other Than Caffeine?- Nutrition Reviews December 2012

“…there is an overwhelming lack of evidence to substantiate claims that components of energy drinks, other than caffeine, contribute to the enhancement of physical or cognitive performance.”

1) The Effects of Thoracic Spine Manipulation in Subjects With Signs of Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy- JOSPT December 2012

“…subjects reported decreased pain with shoulder flexion and improved shoulder function. For people with pain associated with rotator cuff [problems], [mid-back adjustments] may be an effective component of their treatment plan to improve pain and function.”

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