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March 2013 Health News Review

March 6, 2013

5) "Waking Up to Sleep’s Role in Weight Control" – Harvard School of Public Health

“There is convincing evidence that getting a less than ideal amount of sleep is an independent and strong risk factor for obesity, in infants and children as well as in adults."

4) "Coffee consumption and prostate cancer risk: further evidence for inverse relationship" - Nutrition Journal

“Men consuming 3 or more cups of coffee per day experienced 55% lower risk of high Gleason grade disease compared with non-coffee drinkers…Coffee consumption reduces the risk of aggressive prostate cancer but not the overall risk.”

3) "Music Therapy Improves Behavior in Children With Autism, Study Suggests" – ScienceDaily February 19, 2013

“Weekly music therapy sessions lasting just an hour can have a positive effect on behaviour in children with autism...In a study of 41 children, improvements were seen particularly in inattentive behaviors over a ten month period.”

2) “Sweet Bing Cherries Lower Circulating Concentrations of Markers for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases in Healthy Humans– Journal of Nutrition

"...the present study demonstrates that [280 grams of cherry consumption per day ]selectively reduced several biomarkers associated with inflammatory diseases."

1) “A Workout Booster, and a Lawsuit" – NY Times February 13, 2013

“...DMAA has often been described as a synthetic stimulant similar to amphetamines that can constrict blood vessels, raise blood pressure and heart rate, potentially increasing the risk of heart attacks and other countries, including Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, have effectively banned supplements containing DMAA.”

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