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Health News Review
July 10, 2013
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Dr. Arnold's Baseball Newsletter: In-Season Eccentric Shoulder Training

5) Vitamin D Improves Mood and Blood Pressure in Women With Diabetes
- ScienceDaily June 25, 2013

50,000 IU of vitamin D per week helped decrease depression symptoms by 55%

4) Protect Yourself Against Tickborne Disease - FDA Press Release June 26, 2013

"Ticks must stay attached for more than 36 hours to transmit the parasite...taking a shower within two hours of being in an area with ticks has been shown to be helpful...when checking for ticks, include hard-to-see areas such as between toes, between legs and on the head...Remove any ticks with pointed tweezers, grabbing ticks by their mouth parts, close to your skin."

3) Sport At Competitive Level Improves the Academic Performance of Secondary Education Students - ScienceDaily Jun 12, 2013

Why ALL kids should compete in organized sports:

"...athlete students have better study habits and spend less time on sedentary leisure activities than non-athlete students...they are more motivated to study and the reasons why they do it are more clear to them."

2) Beneficial Effects of a Higher-Protein Breakfast In Overweight/obese, “Breakfast-skipping,” Late-adolescent Girls - American Journal of clinical Nutrition

"Consuming a breakfast of 35 grams of protein can decrease hunger hormone levels by 20%, reduce night-time snacking by 22% and "might be a useful strategy to improve satiety, reduce food motivation and reward, and improve diet quality..."

1) E-Cigarettes Are In Vogue and At A Crossroads - NY Times June 12, 2013

"...more than 20% of adult smokers said they had tried e-cigarettes, double the rate in 2010...[they] could account for nearly 5% of the value of all tobacco products in the next two decades...[and] would also challenge the pharmaceutical industry, where stop-smoking products like nicotine patches and gums pulled in about $2.4 billion in 2011..."

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