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October Health News Review
October 1, 2013

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Dr. Arnold's Latest Pitching Newsletter - 5 Steps to a Successful Offseason

5) Sharks Absent, Swimmer, 64, Strokes from Cuba to Florida - NY Times September 2, 201

I have three messages. One is we should never, ever give up. Two is you never are too old to chase your dreams. Three is it looks like a solitary sport, but it takes a team. -Diana Nyad

4) Cilantro, That Favorite Salsa Ingredient, Purifies Drinking Water - ScienceDaily September 12, 2013

"Cilantro's secret may lie in the structure of the outer walls of the microscopic cells that make up the plant. They have an architecture ideal for sorption of heavy metals. Other plants, including cilantro's cousins, parsley and culantro, have similar features and could potentially work as biosorbents."

3) Study Affirms Benefit of Back Braces as Scoliosis Treatment - NY Times September 19, 201e

"...the rate of treatment success was 72% among children with bracing, compared with 48% among those under observation. More than 90% of the children who were successfully treated wore their braces more than 13 hours a day."

2) Migraine Relief with Lavendar Essential Oil - NOW Foods September 2, 2013

Lavendar oil used during a migraine attack (rubbing 3 drops into the upper lip and inhaling the aroma for 15 minutes) reduced headache severity 225% more than those not using lavendar oil.

1) Intermittent Fasting As Another Way to Help Lose Weight - Muscular Development November 2013 issue

"Interestingly, a new weight-loss approach involving intermittent fasting has been growing in popularity recently. This diet involves the consumption of roughly 600 calories per day for two days."

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