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August Health News Review

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August 5, 2014

Dr. Arnold's latest Baseball Newsletter - 3 tips for a successful baseball offseason

#5 - Think fun when you're exercising and you'll eat less later - ScienceDaily July 9, 2014

"Together, these studies point to one reason why people in exercise programs often find themselves gaining weight...that some exercisers have a tendency to reward themselves by overeating after their workout."

#4 - The Price of Prevention: Vaccine Costs are Soaring - NY Times July 4, 2014

Its a risky business developing vaccines, so you can explain if not necessarily justify the higher costs of vaccination. A more difficult question is, after the research and development costs are recouped, why dont prices come down? -Dr. Alan Hinman

#3 - Eating Probiotics Regulary May Improve Your Blood Pressure - ScienceDaily July 21, 2014

Not all bacteria are bad - some can actually lower your blood pressure.

- Evening Primrose Oil Benefits Skin Health In Children - NOW Foods July 11, 2014

320 milligrams of Evening Primrose Oil twice daily for eczema

- Missing Sleep May Hurt Your Memory - ScienceDaily July 21, 2014

The least-discussed health epidemic: Lack of sleep

Testimonial of the month:

"I felt so much better instantly...The pain was gone, and right away I felt like I was walking better."

-Angela, Commack

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