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October Health News Review

October 7, 2014

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Dr. Arnold's latest pitching newsletter:

Now, on to the newsletter:

#5 - The Cesarean-Industrial Complex - The Atlantic Monthly, August 13, 2014

"...only 38% of Cesareans today have a clear medical indication...C-section babies go on to have a 22% higher risk of obesity, nearly double the risk of celiac disease, a 20% higher risk of asthma and type 1 diabetes, and up to an 800% higher risk of sensitivity to allergens...C-sections bring in about 50% more revenue than vaginal births do."

#4 - Off the drugs, onto the cupcakes - NY Times - September 15, 2014

" and drugs have similar influence on the brainís reward center...sugar, not fat, stimulates cravings...a widely cited study found that Oreo cookies activated the brainís pleasure or reward center as much as cocaine and morphine, at least in laboratory rats."

#3 - Exercise before school may help ADHD symptoms in kids - ScienceDaily September 9, 2014

"...physical activity appears to be a promising intervention method for ADHD with well-known benefits to health overall. This gives schools one more good reason to incorporate physical activity into the school day." -Alan Smith

#2 - Little league win lifts district marred by violence - NY Times August 28, 2014

"They are medicine for a municipality dulled into a sort of crime stupor because of all the shootings. We are better than that. And these kids are a living, breathing symbol of that.Ē -Terrance J. Lavin

#1 - Bacteria from bees possible alternative to antibiotics - ScienceDaily September 8, 2014

Local Raw Honey, a mandatory superfood:

"...[the bacteria in raw honey] produce the right kind of antimicrobial compounds...It seems to have worked well for millions of years of protecting bees' health...However, since store-bought honey doesn't contain the living lactic acid bacteria, many of its unique properties have been lost..." -Tobias Olofsson.

Testimonial of the month:

"I had back issues that he corrected within a couple of weeks and a long-term elbow injury...and after weeks of treatment, my elbow is feeling great!"

-James, Central Islip

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