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December Health News Review

December 4, 2014

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Now, on to the newsletter...

#5 - Longer work hours for moms mean less sleep, higher BMIs for preschoolers - ScienceDaily November 20, 2014

"Children whose mothers worked full time got fewer hours of sleep than peers whose mothers worked <20 hours per week. The children of women who worked full time also tended to have higher BMIs....Just 18% of the preschoolers were getting the 11 to 12 hours of nightly sleep recommended by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute..."

- The bad air in our gyms - NY Times November 5, 2014

"The findings should not, however, discourage anyone from visiting a gym...If the air at your fitness center smells chemical-laden and stale, consider talking with the site manager. Ask about ventilation and if the building has undergone a recent indoor-air-quality assessment. Inquire, too, about the types of cleaning products used at the gym and whether floors are swept or mopped; the latter is better at reducing airborne dust."

- Study Points to Overdiagnosis of Thyroid Cancer - NY Times November 5, 2014

"Although more and more small thyroid cancers are being found, however, the death rate has remained rock steady, and low. If early detection were saving lives, death rates should have come down. That pattern tells researchers that many of the cancers they are finding and treating were not dangerous. It is a phenomenon that researchers call overdiagnosis, finding cancers that did not need treatment because they were growing very slowly or not at all."

- Healthy gut microbiota can prevent metabolic syndrome, researchers say - ScienceDaily November 24, 2014

"...a more healthy microbiota can treat or prevent metabolic disease...altered microbiota can promote low-grade inflammation and metabolic syndrome and advance the underlying mechanism." -Dr. Andrew Gewirtz

- Pitching Website Aims to Protect Young Elbows - NY Times November 11, 2014

"In 2000, Dr. Andrews said, most of his Tommy John patients were professionals. Now, most are amateurs. He described a discouraging morning routine of visiting operating rooms filled with adolescents nursing serious arm injuries."

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"My son had never been to a chiropractor before and was a little hesitant...Dr. Arnold immediately made my son at ease...continued to check up on him until he was 100% better. It was a such a comforting feeling to know that Dr. Arnold really cares about his patients." -Anne, Nesconset

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