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April Health News Review

April 7, 2015

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Dr. Arnold's latest Pitching Newsletter -

Congratulations to Nick Fanti, one of Dr. Arnold's pitching students, as he was highlighted as a "Player to Watch" by NY Newsday!

#5 - Treadmill performance predicts mortality - ScienceDaily March 2, 2015

"...among people of the same age and gender, fitness level was the single most powerful predictor of death and survival, even after researchers accounted for other important variables such as diabetes and family history of premature death -- a finding that underscores the profound importance of heart and lung fitness..."

- Should Athletes Eat Fats or Carbs? NY Times February 25, 2015

“From an evolutionary standpoint, a high-fat performance diet makes sense. Early humans, the hunter-gatherers, who were quite physically active, primarily ate fat. It’s been the main fuel for active humans far longer than carbohydrates have been.” -Jeff Volek, Ohio State University

- Stress reduction may reduce fasting glucose in overweight and obese women - SciecnceDaily March 6, 2015

"...stress management, specifically with mindfulness-based interventions, may be beneficial for reducing perceived stress and blood glucose and improving quality of life in overweight or obese women." -Raja-Khan.

- A breakfast of champions for diabetics - ScienceDaily March 16, 2015

" eating more calories at breakfast and consuming fewer calories at dinner, blood sugar level peaks after meals and throughout the day were significantly reduced." -Prof. Jakubowicz

- Better breakfast, better grades - ScienceDaily March 17, 2015

"...schools that offered free breakfasts showed significantly better academic performance than schools that did not, and that the impact was cumulative...Math scores were about 25% higher at participating schools during a students' elementary school tenure than would be expected otherwise. Reading and science scores showed similar gains..."

NOW Foods article of the month: Vitamin D Levels Related to Spinal Health

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