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August Health News Review
August 4, 2015
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Dr. Arnold's latest pitching newsletter: The BEST thing a coach can for his pitchers

#5 - Using garlic to combat antimicrobial resistant urinary tract infections - ScienceDaily July 10, 2015

I refer to garlic as "Mother Nature's antibiotic" because of its' powerful anti-bacterial properties. It's now been found useful for bladder health:

#4 - Dr. Arnold's Advanced Training in Whiplash Injuries

In addition to Dr. Arnold's expertise in treating athletes, he has received extensive training in whiplash biomechanics and has put together an educational video on whiplash with the following highlights:

A video comparison between high-speed and low-speed crashes (at 5:40 of the video)

Car damage is NOT a predictor of injury (7:19)

Why some people are hurt more than others in a crash (14:46)

Chiropractic's effectiveness in helping treat whiplash (18:37)

#3 - Today's Exhausted Superkids - NY Times July 29, 2015

“No one is arguing for a generation of mediocre or underachieving kids — but plenty of people have begun arguing for a redefinition of what it means to achieve at all. Somewhere between the self-esteem building of going for the gold and the self-esteem crushing of the Ivy-or-die ethos, there has to be a place where kids can breathe.” -Jeffrey Kluger

#2 - Snoring Children May Suffer from Sleep Apnea - NY Time July 27, 2015

"If not corrected, the condition can result in hyperactivity and attention problems in school that are often mistaken for A.D.H.D. and sometimes mistreated with a stimulant that only makes matters worse...However, once the condition is effectively treated, the child’s behavior can improve drastically, and most young children are able to catch up on developmental milestones that might have been delayed."

#1 - How to Cut children's Screen Time? Say No to Yourself First - NY Times July 13, 2015

“at critical times of the day, like when taking children to and from school. This should be a cell-free zone for everyone — no Bluetooth for parents or devices for the kids. The pickup from school is a very important transitional time for kids, a time for them to download their day...When parents come home from work, they should walk in the door unplugged and use the first hour they’re home as time to reconnect with the family. Kids hate the phrase ‘just checking’ that parents frequently use to justify a very rude, infuriating behavior.”

- Dr. Carol Steiner-Adair

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