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November Health News Review

November 3, 2015

Dr. Arnold's Latest Pitching Newsletter - Setting your Offseason Timeline

#5 - Yoga in jails helps make better fathers - ScienceDaily October 15, 2015

"...inmates demonstrated being more aware and accepting of their vulnerability and responsiveness to children, among other benefits. The program, called 'Fit Fathers, Successful Families, Inside and Out,' had a goal of preventing child abuse and reducing recidivism by improving parents' resilience."

#4 - More than 11 moles on your arm could indicate higher risk of melanoma - ScienceDaily October 19, 2015

"...the count of moles on the right arm was most predictive of the total number on the whole body. Females with more than 7 moles on their right arm had 9 times the risk of having more than 50 on the whole body and those with more than 11 on their right arm were more likely to have over 100 on their body in total, meaning they were at a higher risk of developing a melanoma."

#3 - Battling Obesity In the Classroom with Exercise - ScienceDaily October 5, 2015

"By incorporating 2-minute breaks of low-, medium- or high-intensity activity, kids may burn 100-300 more calories a day. Teachers found they quickly refocused on school work, and none reported disliking the exercise."

#2 - Short, intense exercise bursts can reduce heart risk to teens - ScienceDaily October 1, 2015

"...8-10 minutes of high-intensity interval exercise three times a week improved both blood vessel function and the brain's ability to control the beating of the heart. Both of these measures are considered to be important markers of cardiovascular disease...Interestingly, these health improvements occurred despite no alteration to traditional markers of health, such as blood pressure and blood sugar."

#1 - Long Island Students to Watch - NY Newsday October 11, 2015

Congratulations to Jimmy Seviour, one of Dr. Arnold's pitching students, for being one of 24 Long Island "Students to Watch" for his achievements on the field as well as in the classroom:

"...for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 seasons, Seviour notched a 10-2 record with a 1.60 ERA...Seviour also excels in the classroom...'He has a very calculated way of learning that encourages teachers to dive deeper into the curriclulum'."

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