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February Health News Review

February 4, 2016

Dr. Arnold's latest pitching newsletter - How coaches are already hurting their pitchers in 2016

On to the newsletter...

#5 - What you eat can influence how you sleep - ScienceDaily January 14, 2016

"...participants fell asleep faster after eating fixed meals provided by a nutritionist, which were lower in saturated fat and higher in protein than self-selected meals. It took participants an average of 29 minutes to fall asleep after consuming foods and beverages of their choice, but only 17 minutes to fall asleep after eating controlled meals."

#4 - Put the cellphone away: Fragmented baby care can affect brain development - ScienceDaily January 5, 2016

"...the brain's dopamine-receptor pleasure circuits are not mature in newborns and infants and that these circuits are stimulated by predictable sequences of events, which seem to be critical for their maturation. If infants are not sufficiently exposed to such reliable patterns, their pleasure systems do not mature properly."

#3 - Valuing your time more than money is linked to happiness - ScienceDaily January 7, 2016

"Having more free time is likely more important for happiness than having more money. Even giving up a few hours of a paycheck to volunteer at a food bank may have more bang for your buck in making you feel happier." -Ashley Willhians

#2 - MIND diet repeatedly ranked among best - ScienceDaily January 5, 2016

"To adhere to and benefit from the MIND diet, a person would need to eat at least three servings of whole grains, a green leafy vegetable and one other vegetable every day -- along with a glass of wine -- snack most days on nuts, have beans every other day or so, eat poultry and berries at least twice a week and fish at least once a week. In addition, the study found that to have a real shot at avoiding the devastating effects of cognitive decline, he or she must limit intake of the designated unhealthy foods, especially butter (less than 1 tablespoon a day), sweets and pastries, whole fat cheese, and fried or fast food (less than a serving a week for any of the three)."

#1 - Panel Calls for Depression Screenings During and After Pregnancy - NY Times January 26, 2016

"The panel gave its recommendation a 'B' rating which means depression screening must be covered under the Affordable Care Act...The recommendations do not specify which clinicians should screen or how often...For screening methods, the group said the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale, a 10-question survey, was effective...evidence showed that cognitive behavioral therapy, a kind of talk therapy, was helpful to mothers. It said that the use of some antidepressants during pregnancy could cause 'potential serious fetal harms,' but that “the likelihood of these serious harms is low'."

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