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Chiropratic and Home Exercise for Sciatic Pain

May 6, 2016

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Many people diagnosed with sciatica believe the problem comes only from their spine in the form of a herniated disc:


But it could also be coming from a tight muscle in the hip called the piriformis that presses on the sciatic nerve:


This occurs because the glute muscles in the hip get weak and cause the piriformis to "pick up the slack" for the glute to stabilize the hips.

As a result, if you can strengthen the glutes, you can let the piriformis relax and take the pressure off the sciatic nerve

Once you get confirmation that a tight piriformis is the cause of your sciatic pain, you can take care of this in 2 ways:

Vibration-Percussion Therapy to focus on the tight muscles in the hip by sending impulses through the muscles to relax them:

Chiropractic adjustment to make sure the pelvis, hips, and lower back are moving correctly

A 10-minute home workout o strengthen the glute muscle. Here is the video but you can also watch it on YouTube by clicking here:

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