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The Graston Technique

Instruments used for the Graston Technique

Dr. Arnold became certified in The Graston Technique in 2006 and uses these specially-designed stainless steel instruments to detect and effectively treat scar tissue that can cause chronic inflammation

The Graston Technique has been featured on ABC 7 Bay Area.

You can click here to see at least 17 different conditions the Graston Technique can help treat and scroll down to learn why the Graston Technique is such an effective treatment method:

"After developing debilitating pain in both shoulders after a week of camping and a lousy hotel bed, I went to Dr. Arnold on a recommendation by a friend. I thought "just another chiropractor and another adjustment". I was wrong. That night I got the best sleep in days. I received four treatments over a two week period. My pain significantly improved after the first two treatments. The range of motion increased and the forearm numbness disappeared. I went from sleeping four hours a night to my regular eight hours."

Kevin - Danville, CA
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Information on the Graston Technique