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The 3 Myths of Pitching Mechanics

November 13, 2009

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Myth #1: Have a Balance Point During The Leg Kick

This was disproved in this 2004 study:

Balance 20title

Compared to pitchers with NO balance points, pitchers with balance points had:

  • MORE head movement

  • LESS accuracy

  • DECREASED velocity
and led to this conclusion

Balance 20Point

Myth #2:
"Tuck Your Glove"

I addressed this myth in this 2008 newsletter:

2008 20Glove 20newsletter 20title

Simply put, MORE glove movement = LESS accuracy

Just like hitting
where minimal hand movement produces a more consistent swing, less glove movement produces a more consistent release point.

Myth #3: "Follow Through" When Pitching

This myth causes many kids to bend their back too early like this:

Follow 20Through

yet NO POSITION PLAYER throws like this. Why not?

Because bending your back DECREASES accuracy.

This 2008 study:

2008 20glove 20study

found that pitchers who turn their shoulders the quickest had the highest velocities ("increased upper trunk rotation angular velocity"):

Shoulder 20turn

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