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Exposing the myth of "Pushing Off" the Mound
May 12, 2010
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A new study just published:

Sutdy 20title

Looked at muscle activation of the lower body during pitching in 4 different phases:

  • Phase 1: Starting stance to the top of the leg kick
  • Phase 2: From the top of the leg kick to Foot Strike
  • Phase 3: From Foot Strike to Ball Release
  • Phase 4: Ball Release until 0.5 seconds after Ball Release

What Did They Find?

  • Both legs are equally important in pitching. As the pitchers approach Foot Strike (Phase 2):

Foot 20Strike

both legs are used equally:

foot 20strike 20muscles

and it's during Ball Release (Phase 3):

Ball 20release

that the legs work the hardest:

ball 20release 20muscles

  • Pitchers DO NOT Push Off The Mound. There are 2 common approaches to the back leg when pitching:

2 20approaches

but the evidence points NOT to pushing off but rather a "controlled fall":


Disproving yet another commonly-taught pitching mechanic:

myth 20exposed

Focus on your hips, NOT your legs, to build velocity:

"The Quicker You Go, The Harder You Throw."


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