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Jumping Rope / Fall Shoulder and Towel Drill Programs
September 7, 2010

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No exercise functionally trains the shoulder better than jumping rope. NONE.

Now a new study in volleyball players:

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found that using a 1-lb weighted jump rope in 3 1-minute sets per day for 12 weeks increased external rotation (ER) strength by 55%!

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Why is this so important?

As I showed in a previous newsletter, external rotation weakness increased injury risk.

Fall Shoulder Training Program

Year-round throwing year is the #1 contributor to arm injury. Increase strength and stability in the fall. DON'T THROW.

I've created 2 Fall Training Programs that will increase shoulder stability and efficiency:

Program #1
- Click Here for the program.

Program #2
- Click here for the program.

Towel Drill Fall Program

In addition to working on shoulder strength, stability, and efficiency, an effort must be made to establish a consistent throwing motion.

Therefore, I have created a 25-repetition towel drill program that should be done 3 times per week starting 6 weeks before tryouts.

When should you start throwing again? I recommend 1 month before tryouts, throwing 3 times per week (2 sessions of long toss, 1 bullpen session)

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