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How Poor Posture May Increase Shoulder Injury Risk
October 13, 2010
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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”
– Henry de Bracton

In an effort to help screen baseball players for shoulder injuries, a study in the American Journal of Sports Medicine:

AJSM 201 20Title

Used a "double square" measurement shown here:


and found that the further away the throwing shoulder was from the wall, the tighter the back of the shoulder was and the greater the risk for injury.


Players with a throwing shoulder 170-189 millimeters forward from the wall
"had higher amounts of posterior shoulder tightness".

Because tightness in the back of the shoulder may increase injury risk:

Athl 20Training 20Title

Having proper posture can help prevent shoulder tightness and may decrease injury risk.

How Can I Maintain Proper Posture and Shoulder Position?

  • Proper Shoulder Strengthening Exercises. Strengthening the BACK of the shoulder is priority #1 and you can find those exercises here.

  • Core Strengthening. Here are 4 ways to find out if you have a weak core.

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