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4 Mechanics That Link Throwing and Hitting
June 16, 2011
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Mechanic #1: Keep Your Head Steady

Just like hitting, a steady head is crucial to throwing as demonstrated in this 2004 study:

Balance 20Point 20Error 20Title

pitchers with the LEAST head movement had the highest velocities and most accuracy. And because pitchers with a balance point had the most head movement, the researchers concluded:

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Mechanic #2: Keep Your Hands Up

Just like hitters must not "drop" their hands, pitchers must keep their glove CHEST-HIGH at 3 points of the throw:


(1) Starting Position (2) Foot Strike (3) Ball Release

Mechanic #3: Focus on Back Extension

Just like hitters are encouraged to "finish high" by extending their hips and back:


Throwers/Pitchers need to use more Extension when throwing, what I call

"Throwing with a Big Chest"

Big 20Chest 201Big 20Chest 202Big 20Chest 203

Mechanic #4: Have a Strong Front Leg

Just as hitters needs a strong front leg during the swing:

Front 20Leg1HandsUpHitting3

Pitchers MUST have a strong front leg when throwing to control momentum and get a consistent Release Point:


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