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Beyond Squats: 3 Lower Body Exercises for Baseball Players
May 2, 2011
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The April/May 2011 issue of the NSCA Performance Training Journal has a very good article on lower body exercises for Pitchers:

NSCA 20Per 20Train 20Jou 20Issue 20TITLE

Here are the 3 exercises I found to be most functional:

Exercise #1: The Elevated Front Squat

Elevated 20Front 20Squat 20Description
Elevated 20Front 20Squat 20Pic

Exercise #2: Single-Leg Medicine Ball Chest Toss

Single 20Led 20Med 20Ball 20Toss 20Description
Single 20Led 20Med 20Ball 20Toss 20Pic

Exercise #3: Front Drop Back Lunge

Front 20Drop 20Back 20Lunge 20Description
Front 20Drop 20Back 20Lunge 20Pic png

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