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How Did Tim Lincecum Get "Better"?
March 14, 2011

Last year I wrote about Barry Zito's miraculous improvement due to a change in his arm slot. Now we have a great story in Tim Lincecum's ability to continue to get better.

Lincecum's 2010 postseason stats show a fantastic Strikeout to Walk ratio of 5:1 (43 K's to 9 BB's) and only 25 hits given up in 37 innings:

Postseason 20stats 20baner

Postseason 20stats

How did he do this vs. the #5, #7 and #13 highest scoring teams in MLB in 2010?

MLB 20Team 20Stats 201
MLB 20Team 20Stats 202
MLB 20Team 20Stats 203

A great article Friday 3/11/10 in the SF Chronicle:

Chronicle 20Title

Tells us why:

Threw 20fewer 20fastballs

Pitching 20progression
Throw 20any 20pitch

It's ALL about the Changeup!

Changeup 20paragraph

The changeup is now Lincecum's 2nd most thrown pitch:

Pitch 20breakdown

What Have We Learned?!?!

If you want to have a more effective fastball, YOU MUST WORK ON THE CHANGEUP!!!!!

I have put together a handout on the changeup that you can see here.

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