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Is "The Next Tim Lincecum" Already Here?
August 15, 2011
(You can click here for the 1-page .pdf)

I have called Tim Lincecum a "once in a generation pitcher", the first since this former phenom, and have written a newsletter on his mechanics that you can read here.

But now a new Sports Illustrated article discusses Trevor Bauer, "the most intriguing pitching prospect since Tim Lincecum",

who is following in Lincecum's steps by doing 3 very important things:

1. Being An Athlete When Pitching

Perhaps the biggest fault with pitching instruction today is SLOWING down the delivery and not letting the kids be athletes:

Being 20an 20athlete 20when 20pitching

2. Not Having A Balance Point

Trevor Bauer learned how NOT to keep his weight back but to move his hips forward as soon as the leg kick starts:

balance 20point

3. Throw More Than Pitch to Perfect Timing and Help Prevent Injury

Just as I call a good hitter as "someone who has perfected the art of swinging",

A Pitcher is Someone Who Has Perfected The Art of Throwing:

throw 20more 20than 20pitch

This perfected timing allows the body to generate more force, sparing the arm and helping prevent injury


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