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5 Steps To A Successful Offseason
August 1, 2012

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Step #5
– Get enough protein

A 2010 paper:

NSCA 20paper

States how protein keeps you healthy:

protein 20benefirts

The current recommendations:

NSCA 20recs

So a 150-pound ballplayer needs at least 102 grams of protein per day

(150 pounds / 2.2 = 68.1 kilograms x 1.5 g/kg body weight = 102 grams)

Step #4 – Improve Your Rotator Cuff with 1 exercise

Nothing produces a healthy rotator cuff better than jumping rope.

There are 3 stages of jump rope progression:

1. Regular jump rope for eye-hand coordination, footwork, agility and posture

2. Weighted jump rope to help strengthen your rotator cuff by as much as 55% in 12 weeks:

3. 5-lb heavy sand rope for strength and explosion.

Step #3
– Take 1 month off from all organized activities

To benefit mental recovery as well as physical recovery.

Step #2
– Play different sports to become a better athlete

2 studies in 2012 have shown:
1. A stronger bench press improves bat speed

2. A stronger front leg improves pitching velocity.

Playing different sports can help develop different areas of strength that can improve baseball performance.
(Football for bench press strength, Basketball for leg strength)

Step #1 – No throwing for 3 months

As of June 2012, the American Sports Medicine Institute has 10 recommendations for injury prevention.

Their #2 recommendation:

ASMI 20Recs

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