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Baseball Bat Training to Help Prevent Elbow Injury
April 24, 2012

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One of the biggest contributors to throwing elbow injury is improper mechanics:

Improper 20mechanics 20and 20injury

with shoulder and elbow strength being just as important.

While using a weighted jump rope is my #1 recommendation to help prevent arm injury, a new study:

Study 20Title

has introduced a baseball bat program to increase elbow strength.

The goal of the training is to target 2 specific muscles:

flexor 20carpi 20ulnaris

With 3 of the exercises I recommend most here:

(email me if you'd like the rest of the exercises)

Overhead 20supination 20pic
Overhead 20supination 20description

radial 20deviation 20pic
radial 20deviation 20description 201
radial 20deviation 20description 202

ulnar 20deviation 20piculnar 20deviation 20descrip

to be done in these amounts:

table 20top
table 20bottom

during these days:

when 20to 20do 20training


The researchers give 2 important notes about the training:

bat 20length 20caution

especially for young players:

caution 20for 20player 20younger 20than 2015

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