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The Curveball Debate Revisited:
WHY Do They Cause Injury?

March 12, 2012

(click here for the .pdf)

A front cover story in the NY Times today:

NYT 20article 20pic

contains great information on curveballs and corrects a common misconception on WHY they cause elbow injuries.

Many coaches still teach “it’s the snap of the wrist that causes injury” but this theory was disproved in 2009:

2009 20AJSM 20Study 20Pitc

Instead, the article correctly states elbow injuries occur from a COMBINATION of

1) Improper pitching mechanics (in the form of tilting the shoulders to “get on top of the ball):

Improper 20Mecahnics 20Photo

As well as:

2) Throwing too many pitches during the season that is most common in kids who play year-round baseball:

Too 20Many 20Pitches 20Pic

How do you know if your pitching mechanics are correct?

You can make an appt with Dr. Arnold

to get a pitching video analysis done.

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