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The Pitch That Did It
June 14, 2012
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One June 1, 2012, Johan Santana accomplished a first for Mets' pitchers:


When looking at the pitch statistics (many thanks to Brooks Baseball), we see the importance of the Changeup in helping him succeed:

Pitch 20breakdown

In addition to using the Changeup to strike out Ryan Freese to end the game:

  • Johan threw more Changeups for strikes than the fastball (63.16% vs 56%)

  • Johan threw 69% of his Changeups for strikes over the final 5 innings

  • Johan's Changeup was 11 mph slower than his fastball, helping disrupt the timing of the Cardinals hitters:

"Hitting Is Timing. Pitching Is Upsetting Timing."

- Warren Spahn
Hall of Fame Left-handed Pitcher

What Is The Best Way to Throw A Changeup?


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