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Why Throwing 'Over the Top' May Hurt Your Arm
May 16, 2012
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A common pitching mechanic still taught is to throw "Over the Top", causing many kids to throw like this:


But this may be causing serious increased risk for elbow AND shoulder injury.

This 2000 study:

Proceedings 20study 20title

found tilting the shoulders OVER 10 degrees significantly increased elbow stress:

elbow 20stress 20100

while more than 20 degrees of shoulder tilt significantly increased shoulder stress:

shoulder 20stress 20110

That research was followed up with this 2006 study:

Appl 20Mech 20Title

where 10 degrees of shoulder tilt was "the best":

10 20deg 20lateral 20tilt 20best

What Does 10 Degrees of Shoulder Tilt Look Like?

Reyes 20Chest 20to 20gloveJohnson 20Release 20point 20out 20frontZambrano 20Fastball

while 40 degrees of shoulder tilt DOUBLED elbow stress:

40 20degree 20tilt 20worst

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