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3 Ways to Become a Better Hitter
June 5, 2013
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In training young hitters, a new study:

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identified 3 aspects to help them improve:

1) Shift Your Weight Earlier.

The researchers found that advanced hitters shifted their weight 18% earlier than novice hitters before ball contact (1.48 vs 1.198 seconds), leading the researchers to suggest that coaches:

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2) Wait Longer Before Starting Your Swing.

The researchers saw that advanced hitters waited 22% longer than novice hitters before starting their swing (0.243 vs 0.311 seconds before ball contact), giving advanced hitters nearly one-tenth of an extra second to recognize the pitch before swinging.

3) Have a Stronger Front Side.

Advanced hitters had 32.8% greater contraction of a muscle in their lead leg, the Tibialis Anterior (L-TA), than novice hitters.

This led the researchers to conclude:


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