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Lateral Explosion: A New Way to Increase Velocity
May 7, 2013
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Previous research has shown a number of ways to increase velocity:

1) Increasing Hip Flexibility:

Hip 20Flexibility 20and 20Velocity 20Newsletter 202010

2) Elastic Tubing Exercises:

4 week 20youth 20baseball 20program 20and 20velocity

3) Medicine Ball Exercises:

Offseason 20Conditioning 20Part 202 20The 20Exercises
Offseason 20Conditioning 20Part 202 20The 20Exercises 20Med 20Ball 20Exercises

Now a new study:

Velocity 20and 20Lower Body 20Field 20Tests

suggests that improving lateral movement explosion may lead to increased velocity as it mimics the stride:

Study 20statement

You can click here to view a demonstration of the Lateral Bound Jump, gratefully provided by Core Performance:

Lateral 20Bound 20Exercise

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