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Shoulder Injury In Pitchers May Be Linked to Foot Problems
November 5, 2013
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The throwing shoulder is the most injured body part in baseball players (28% of all injuries).

Now a new study:

JOSPT 20Title

suggests that a decreased foot arch may be a contributing factor these shoulder injuries.

Specifically, pitchers with a flatter foot arch, a condition called "Pes Planus" (less than 130 degrees):

Flat 20Foot

were 3.7 times more likely to be injured than those with a normal arch (between 130 and 150 degrees):

Normal 20Foot

Leading the researchers to conclude:

"...preventative interventions through treatments for abnormal foot arch postures
may prove to be of benefit

How can a flat foot increase shoulder injury risk?

Having a flat foot increases the curve in the low back, called the lumbar lordosis.

This increased lumbar lordosis puts more stress on the throwing arm.

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