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The Pitch Revisited
April 3, 2013
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In 2012 I did a newsletter on how the Changeup was crucial to Johan Santana's no-hitter:

Johann 20Newsletter 20title

Now the Changeup has been mentioned again, this time in the development of the Tampa Bay Rays pitching staff:

Rays 20SI 20Cover

Not only that all Rays' pitcher learn it in the minor leagues:

Changeup 20Quote 202

They continue this belief in the Major Leagues:

Changeup 20Quote 201

ALSO...The 2011 book "Living on the Black":

Living 20on 20the 20Black

talks about how the Changeup was crucial to Tom Glavine's success:

“Glavine had become a good pitcher in 1989 when he discovered the grip that allowed him to throw his changeup at least 10 mph slower than his fastball, with the exact same arm motion…It was what separated him from most pitchers, especially with a fastball that rarely reached 90 mph.

He had to count on his ability to keep hitters off-balance with change of speed.
The changeup allowed him to do that.”

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