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3 "Do's and "Don'ts" Of Warming Up Before The Game

June 6, 2014

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- Do Not: Cold stretch before a game

It's been known for more than 10 years that static ("cold") stretching doesn't work:

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Stop doing it!

Do: 2 minutes of weighted jump rope.

NOTHING will warm you up quicker or better in less time.

To watch videos of proper jump rope technique, you can subscribe to my pitching website.

#2 - Do Not: Throw to warm-up

Do: Warm-up to throw

Break a sweat with 2 minutes of weighted jump rope before you pick up a baseball
and then do the 2-Knee Drill and the Step-Behind Drill.

To see videos and explanations of these 2 drills, you can subscribe to my pitching website.

#3 -Do Not: Swing with a weighted donut on your bat

2012 research showed several hitting aids have no effect on bat speed:

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Do: Swing your bat, nothing else

Before hitting, swing your bat 5 times and wait 4 minutes. Click here to learn why.

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