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5 Ways to Protect Your Throwing Arm in 2014

February 3, 2014

(Click here for a 2-page handout of this .pdf)

#1: Weighted jump rope

3 1-minute sets per day for 12 weeks can increase external rotation strength by 55%.

Jump 20Rope

Why is this important? Because external rotation weakness is a risk factor for injury.

Rotator 20Cuff 20Weakness

#2: Medicine Ball Deceleration Training

The most stressful part of the throw is after ball release:

Follow 20Through

Medicine ball training can help strengthen your arm to better handle the follow-through.

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#3: Proper Long Toss

National Pitching Association Recommendation = 120 feet

Throwing > 180 feet does not increase velocity BUT significantly increases arm stress:

Long 20Toss

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#4: Checking Rotator Cuff Muscle Strength

A low strength ratio between external and internal rotator cuff muscles can increase injury risk by 39%:

Rotator 20Cuff 20Weakness

This can be checked with muscle strength testing software:


#5: Doing a Video Analysis

Several MLB baseball teams are proactive and get biomechanical analyses of their healthy pitchers to reduce their risk of injury, maximize their performance, and provide a baseline measurement they can use to compare in case injuries arise.”

-Glen Fleisig, PhD
American Sports Medicine Institute
Research Director


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