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A Simple Way to Improve Pitching Consistency During Games

May 10, 2014

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Over the past month, a common issue with my pitching students has been

"I'm throwing hard but just missing my spots."

When I ask about their long toss and bullpen sessions, the common ingredient missing is INTENSITY. They are not throwing hard enough during their long toss and bullpen sessions.

To improve your accuracy when pitching in games:

1) Throw harder during your long toss sessions

  • Keep your long toss sessions to 30 throws with correct mechanics, with your last 10 throws being game-time intensity. Focus on quality, not quantity, of your long toss.

2) Throw hard during your bullpen sessions

  • As with long toss, keep your bullpen sessions to 30 pitches but make sure your last 10 pitches are game-time intensity.

2 interviews on risk factors for Tommy John Surgery

1) Peter Gammons was interviewed on WFAN with Beningo and Roberts - March 21, 2014

"All these guys with the Tommy John surgery and coming off a year where 40% of starting pitchers in the Major Leagues ended up on the disabled list. I think it starts with these traveling teams when they're 15 years old, they're going to showcases and over-pitching and then college where their college coaches abuse them. A lot of injuries you see in the Major Leagues come from what they did between the ages of 12 and 21."

2) Dr. James Andrews interviewed on CBS Radio and the #1 risk factor for Tommy John surgery is year-round baseball.

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