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Are You Getting 'Baseball Strong' This Offseason?

November 10, 2014

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With your offseason (hopefully) underway and your conditioning program (hopefully) going well...

Are you getting 'Baseball Strong'?

What Does It Mean To Be 'Baseball Strong'?

Being 'Baseball Strong' means training your shoulder to handle the stresses of throwing the baseball, specifically training the shoulder to handle the most stressful part of the throw, after Ball Release, when the arm has to slow down ('Decelerate').

Looking at the graph below from a 1983 study, you can see the most shoulder activity at the far right, "Stage IV" The Follow Through:

EMG 20Title

Follow 20Through

How Can You Train Your Shoulder To Be 'Baseball Strong'?

Being 'Baseball Strong' is the main goal of the Winter Conditioning Program which includes weighted jump rope and medicine ball deceleration training.

Unable to attend the Winter Program? You can get the winter program outline as well as information on weighted jump rope and medicine ball deceleration training by subscribing to my Baseball Video Library.

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