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The Bennett Lesion

When getting a shoulder MRI in the absence of pain can be harmful

September 4, 2014
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Now, on to the newsletter...

2 months ago I received a phone call from a nervous father whose son had a shoulder MRI despite having no arm pain "to make sure everything was OK".

Well, the report stated:

"There is a chronic avulsion fracture...compatible with a Bennett Lesion."

It was the word "fracture" that threw the father into a panic, causing him to believe something was wrong with his son's pitching shoulder.

The good news? There was nothing wrong with his son's pitching shoulder.

Why? Because the Bennett Lesion is a common change that happens in pitching shoulders.

A 2004 study showed that not only is The Bennett Lesion common in pitchers:

AJSM 201

For pitchers with no arm pain, there is no need to be concerned:

AJSM 202

This is the danger of getting a shoulder MRI in the absence of pain in pitchers. It causes unnecessary panic.

Pitching for several years WILL cause changes in your shoulder, it's only natural.

ONLY get an MRI if you have pain! As Dr. James Andrews says:

"If you want an excuse for surgery, get an MRI."

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