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"The Pitch" - Part 3

April 2, 2014

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Neise 20quote 202

-John Niese, NY Mets Pitcher

In 2012 I wrote about Johann Santana's Changeup:

Johann 20Newsletter 20title

and in 2013 I wrote about the Changeup with Tampa Bay Rays pitchers:

Rays 20Title

Now a new article in the Wall Street Journal talks about how Mets prospect Noah Syndergaard is working on a Changeup:


and highlights several good points about the Changeup:

Quote 201


Quote 202

and a great quote from Cy Young Award Winner Frank Viola:

Viola 20Quote

Want to learn how to throw a Changeup?

Subscribe to my Baseball Video Library to learn a very specific grip that has been shown to produce 10-12 mph speed differences from the fastball among my high school pitching students.

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