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What Is Your Baseball Offseason Timeline?

October 7, 2014

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'Offseason Conditioning' video now available in my Baseball Video Library that discusses the offseason timeline and provides an offseason exercise program specific to baseball. Click here to learn more.

Since year-round baseball is the #1 risk factor for arm injury, it's time to set your offseason timeline using these principles:

#1 - Get off the field!
As recommended by the American Sports Medicine Institute: no throwing for 2-3 months and no competitive pitching for 4 months.

#2 - Get 'Baseball Strong'.
There is a very specific way the baseball shoulder needs to be trained and it's the central approach in the Winter Conditioning Program. If you are unable to attend the winter program, you can make a pitching lesson appointment and I will show the exercises that need to be done over the winter.

#3 - How strong & flexible is your shoulder?
The baseball shoulder needs to have a certain balance of strength and flexibility. This can be done by getting measured and strength tested in my office.

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