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3 Pitching Mechanics Myths Revisited

Part 1: The Myth of the Balance Point

February 6, 2015

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In part 1 of this 3-part series, I'm addressing one of the most commonly taught INCORRECT pitching concepts: to have a balance point during the leg kick. I first covered this in a 2009 newsletter but will go into greater depth here.

I taught this concept for years to my pitching students...BUT IT'S WRONG.

A 2004 study compared pitchers who used a balance point and those who did not:

Balance 20title

They found that pitchers using a balance point had MORE HEAD MOVEMENT which resulted in LOWER VELOCITY and DECREASED ACCURACY.

This led the researchers to conclude:

Balance 20Point

This can be seen with video analysis. You can see a pitching video analysis here.

IN SUMMARY, having a balance point during the leg kick:

1) Creates an un-athletic posture

2) Decreases quickness to the plate = decreased momentum = slower velocity
('Be Quick but Don't Hurry'!)

3) Slows delivery tempo = poor timing = decreased accuracy

Coming up next month, Part 2: The myth of 'tucking the glove.'

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