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3 Pitching Mechanics Myths Revisited, Part 2

The Myth of "Tucking the Glove"

March 8, 2015

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Following up on Part 1 which dispelled the myth of having a balance point, I now dispel the concept of 'tucking the glove' when throwing/pitching.

As with the balance point, I was taught to 'tuck' my glove growing up. But this was proven to be an incorrect concept in this 2001 study:


where researchers found that less glove movement increased accuracy:


It's very useful to relate glove movement to hand movement when hitting. During the swing, we see that steady hands produce a steady swing.

SO...when throwing/pitching, a steady glove produces a steady throw.

When we teach to 'Tuck the Glove', we are introducing MORE movement into the throwing motion, producing an inconsistent throw.

Let's take a look at video...

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