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The BEST Thing Coaches Can Do For Their Pitchers
August 5, 2015

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"If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." -Benjamin Franklin

This quote is at the heart of what most coaches do that is a significant impediment to the success of their pitchers.

What are most coaches doing?

They are NOT giving their pitchers proper notice of when they're scheduled to pitch either in a starting or relieving role.

Why is this hurting pitchers?

Because pitchers are unable to get into a routine between starts and properly prepare to pitch.

How much notice should coaches give?

Letting pitchers know 6-7 days ahead of time enables them to schedule their running, conditioning, long toss, and bullpen sessions.

As Roger Clemens once said: "My only day off is the day I pitch."

What should pitchers do between starts?

The 4 activities I recommend are:

      1. Running: Knowing when to do endurance and sprint training
      2. Weight Jump Rope / Medicine ball training: Helps keep the rotator cuff 'Baseball Strong' and enhance recovery between starts
      3. Long Toss: Helps maintain proper timing of the throwing motion and is just as important than doing a bullpen session
      4. Bullpen session: Working on different pitches and final preparation before the next pitching appearance

When should pitchers do these activities between starts?

I answer this question in my baseball video library that gives a sample routine between pitching appearances.

You can learn more about my video library here


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