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The Evolution of Noah Syndergaard

November 17, 2015

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As a wonderfully surprising season for the Mets came to a disappointing end, what wasn't disappointing was the performance of one of my favorite Mets, Noah Syndergaard:

Syndegaard PicThor Citi

Earlier in the year the WSJ did a spotlight on how he was working on a changeup to compliment his fastball and working on evolving from a thrower to a pitcher:


Now an article in NY Newsday:

NY Newsday Title

states his evolution is nearly complete

I just learned how to pitch

13-time 20-game winner Warren Spahn said it best:

"Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing."

and Syndergaard's success towards the end of 2015 was ability to throw an effective changeup in relation to his fastball:

88 mph changeup

his confidence in his offspeed pitches, especially his changeup.

throwing change when behind in count

Want to learn how to hold the changeup and when to throw it? Then subscribe to my baseball video library where I have an 8-minute presentation on the changeup.

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