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The Mind of A Champion

October 2, 2015

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When analyzing our sports champions, emphasis is mostly on the physical aspect, specifically the amount of work needed both on and off the field:

Bear Bryant

but a new article on tennis champion Novak Djokovic goes further into what makes a champion:

NYT Title

Fresh off another US Open title and a 56-5 record in 2015, the media focused on his diet as the primary reason for his success:

Made not burn 2Made not burn 3

But Djokovic cited his positive state of mind as the biggest reason for his success:


and that involved meditation:

Meditation 1

Meditation 2

and an acceptance of failure at times:

Bad days

it's the acceptance of failure that is just as crucial because it shows that Novak Djokovic subscribes to a 'Growth Mindset' that is a crucial key to the success of many chamption athletes.

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