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How Coaches Are Already Hurting Their Pitchers In 2016

February 4, 2016

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As teams come in to start training for the 2016 season, 1 aspect of their training is disturbingly absent.

While the hitting cages and fielding areas are constantly full, this is what I see most of the time in the mound area:


This was taken on a weeknight last week when every the hitting cage and fielding area weas filled and all of the mounds were reserved by teams.

For some reason, very few teams are working with their pitchers this winter. Very few teams have their pitchers throwing, and this is a problem.

Too little throwing now may cause arm problems later

All players (especially pitchers) must be throwing 3 days per week, 40-50 throws per day, to get ready for the season.

I have outlined a 6-week throwing program you can learn about by clicking here to get ready by March.

TIMING, not arm strength, is why throwing now is so important

In the hittiing cages, each player works on the TIMING of their swing, to hit the ball with the maximum amount of energy at contact. This energy comes from the hips and is transferred to the arms in a specific sequence called "the kinetic chain". When the timing sequence of the kinetic chain is off, energy is lost and the ball is hit poorly.

THIS SAME TIMING CONCEPT ALSO OCCURS WITH PITCHING. With every throw, the pitcher is attempting to transfer energy from their hips into their throwing arm in the proper sequence (kinetic chain).

But with so little throwing being done, the pitcher's timing will be very poor at tryouts, increasing both arm stress and their risk of injury.

Find a way to throw. No excuses. Your arm will thank you later.

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