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STOP Ignoring This Body Part During Pitching

June 9, 2016

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Another installment in my 'STOP' series. Click here to read other 'STOP' newsletters

Proper throwing/pitching instruction should focus on body movement, NOT the throwing arm. I give complete credit for this approach to Tom House at the National Pitcing Association (click here to learn more about the NPA).

A poor arm slot and poor release point are symptoms, NOT the causes, of poor mechanics. Correct how the body moves and the throwing arm will take care of itself.

I have 4 body parts of I focus on to fix mechanics. Here are the first 3:

-The front elbow to correct glove control (Click here to learn more)

-The back to assume proper posture at ball release (Click here to learn more)

-The eyes to help find a pitcher's proper arm slot (Click here to learn more)

While the front elbow/glove control is the most incorrectly taught throwing/pitching mechanic, the MOST IGNORED mechanic is the 4th body part: The front leg.

In every other rotational sport (golf, hockey, tennis), the front side is strong and stable to provide a base with which the hips rotate to transfer energy to the upper body.

In baseball we see this with hitting as coaches emphasize a strong front leg to help create bat speed.

Why do coaches ignore the front leg when we teach throwing/pitching?

A study in 2012:

GRF Study Title

Showed not only that a pitcher's front leg absorbs TWICE THEIR BODYWEIGHT on their front leg as they pitch:

GRF Study Fact 1

But that those who with the highest velocity had the best "braking":

GRF Study Fact 2

What does that mean?

The strong your front leg, the harder you throw.

Let's see some video...

So STOP ignoring the front leg if you want to throw harder!

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