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STOP Teaching the "Safety Curve"

May 6, 2016

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The 5th of my "STOP" Newsletters:

STOP Doing This Throwing Drill

STOP Focusing On The Throwing Arm

STOP Making Your Pitchers 'Stand Tall'

STOP Thinking Long Toss Is About Arm Strength

In this newsletter we address coaches teaching a "safety curve" to young pitchers. When I worked in California they called it a "low-torque slider".

While the goal is protect young pitchers from getting hurt by throwing the curveball.

The premise is incorrect...that the snapping of the wrist is how the curveball injures pitchers.

It's NOT the snap of the wrist that damages the elbow.

It's the tilt of the shoulders.

I've done 4 newsletters highlighting how severe shoulder tilt increases arm stress:

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Zambrano Fastball

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If a young pitcher can throw his curveball with the same mechanics as the fastball, there is NO increased risk of injury.

BUT...very few young pitchers have consistent throwing motions just like very few young hitters have consistent swings.

SO...establish a consistent throwing motion, learn the changeup,

THEN learn the curveball.

It's not the snap. It's the tilt.

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