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A Lesson from Curtis Granderson on Hydration

March 30, 2017

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We now learn from Curtis Granderson about hydration.

A March 26th article in the NY Times:

NYT article title

reveals a primary reason how Granderson, was able to play 154 games last season at the age of 35...water.

It started back in 2010 when suffered a groin injury and discovered how dehydrated he was:

Granderson NYT Dehydrated

He has since crafted his water intake...

Granderson NYT Down to a science

and even focuses on his water intake in the offseason:

Granderson NYT Always Have It By Me

Now, water intake is not the ONLY reason Curtis has stayed healthy but I bring this article to everyone's attention because of what Curtis DOES NOT consume...sports drinks!

No sports drinks

No Gatorade

No Body Armor

No Powerade

No ROAR (a new drink endorsed by OBJ..UGH)

I consistently see young ballplayers consuming sports drinks when they're not necessary but is instead just filling them with more sugar.

They do NOT need sports drinks (click here):

US News World Report Teens Sports Drinks TITLE

US News World Report Teens Sports Drinks Excerpt

They need WATER!

How can you stay hydrated?

I follow the recommendations of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (click here):

NSCA Hydration Handout Excerpt

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